Below you can find a list of all of our Sunday morning ministries, outreach ministries, and kids ministries.

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Biblical Counseling

When special circumstances require help beyond small groups and family support, we have trained biblical counselors to meet those needs. If you're interested, you will have the opportunity to walk with people through life's trials.

NEED: Trained biblical counselors 

COMMIT: Counsel based on need

NEXT STEP: Register for training, and complete 11 weeks of counseling training

CONTACT: office@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494


Care Team

Meeting people where they are is the focus of our Care Team. Become a part of a team that has a heart for loving God's people, especially those whose life circumstances don't allow them to attend church.

NEED: Unlimited

COMMIT: Visiting with people, phone calls, and praying based on need

CONTACT: Mark | mstevens@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

Celebrate Recovery

Serving at CR ensures that those who attend have a welcoming experience within the walls of our building while they are devoting themselves to their recovery. Be a part of serving those who are facing life's struggles. 

NEED:  25-30 volunteers for childcare, meals, set-up crew, tear-down crew, tech team

COMMIT: 1-2 Tuesday nights per month

CONTACT: John | jbaird@rockpointminsitries.org | 765-362-5494


Celebrate Recovery Inside (cri)

Join a team that goes into the Montgomery County Jail to share Celebrate Recovery with those inside. The CRI team shares music, fellowship, and God’s word with the inmates, giving them the hope of Jesus in a difficult time. 

NEED: 6 volunteers per month, per gender

COMMIT: Quartely on Thursday evenings

CONTACT: John | jbaird@rockpointminsitries.org | 765-362-5494



Drinking coffee together is a way relationships are encouraged and friendships are formed. Help us provide a welcoming "flavor" to our Sunday morning experience! 

NEED: 4 people every Sunday
Pre-service prep team, post-service clean up team

COMMIT: One full month twice a year

CONTACT: Cindy | cmccandless@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494 

Girls nite in (gni)

GNI is a gathering for middle school and high school girls that meets to discuss relevant issues and offer support. Women, if you’re passionate about giving hope to the next generation of girls, apply to serve today!

NEED: 8-10 adult women per gathering

COMMIT: 2 Wednesday evenings per month from 6-7:30PM

CONTACT: Jess Beachy | jgroh21@yahoo.com | 765-918-4553


Greeting guests is a great way show the love of Christ from the moment God’s people walk through our doors. The greeting ministry is an opportunity to help people feel welcomed and loved. If you enjoy meeting new people and making them feel welcomed, this is the service opportunity for you!

NEED: 16 greeters per service

COMMIT: 1-2 services per month

CONTACT: Mark | mstevens@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

Kids Rock

If you have a passion for helping children grow in their understanding of the Word of God and encouraging their faith in Jesus Christ, serving in the Kids Rock ministry on Sunday mornings is for you! 

NEED: 35 volunteers per service

COMMIT: 2 weeks on, 6 weeks off on Sunday mornings

CONTACT: Page | pmcgaughey@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

Kids Rock 1:1 Special Needs Ministry

We are excited to be able to serve children with special needs. This ministry serves children from infancy to 5th grade. You will serve as a one-on-one “buddy” in the classroom.  

NEED: Need-based

COMMIT: 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off during the 9:30 service only

CONTACT: Page | pmcgaughey@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

Kids Rock University

If you have a passion for teaching children in their understanding of the Word of God and encouraging their faith in Jesus Christ, serving in the Kids Rock University is for you! 

NEED: Teachers and helpers

COMMIT: Each Sunday evening during Rock U spread over an 8-10 week period

CONTACT: Patty | pemmert@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494


Parking is the first experience a guest has at our church. Help ease the common difficulty of navigating a full parking lot by joining our parking team!

NEED: 4-6 parking attendants and 2 valets per service each Sunday

COMMIT: One full month twice a year

CONTACT: Brian | bsaunders@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494


Capturing photos of our worship services, outreach events, ministries, mission trips and more in a professional way helps us stay relevant and bridge the gap for guests between online experience to when they walk in the doors. 

NEED: As-needed photographers willing to volunteer their talent

COMMIT: One to two events per month

CONTACT: Cindy | cmccandless@rocpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

special events childcare

Serving as a childcare volunteer for events throughout the week such as Celebrate Recovery Kids (CR), Mothers of Preschoolers (Moppetts), special events, allows parents to participate in events with the comfort of knowing their children are safe and well cared for. 

NEED: 30 total volunteers throughout the week

COMMIT: 1-2 times per month (based on need)

CONTACT: office@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

Student Ministries

Volunteering in our student ministries is an opportunity to lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the teaching of God's Word, worship, and intentional discipleship.

NEED: 10-12 leaders per group (20-24 total)

COMMIT: HSM: Sundays 2:30-4:30pm MSM: Sundays 5:00-7:00pm 

CONTACT: Kristi | kmangold@rockpointminsitries.org | 765-362-5494


Directing guests to seats, helping with our Opportunity to Give, and distributing communion elements are primary responsibilities of being an usher. Ushers bring glory to God by selflessly serving others during the worship service.

NEED: 20 ushers every Sunday (10 per service)

COMMIT: 1-2 services per month

CONTACT: Mark | mstevens@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494

Worship Team

Singing together as a church is one of the ways we glorify God and edify one another. If God has gifted you in this way, join our team! 

NEED: Vocals, musicians, lighting, sound, video and computer tech(s)

COMMIT: Practice Wednesday nights and lead worship Sunday mornings. Typically, our worship team members serve once a month.

CONTACT: Rhett | rthomas@rockpointministries.org | 765-362-5494