S2-E3: Dr. David Prince

Dr. David Prince is currently the professor of Christian Preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Prince discusses how to integrate the Christian life into sports, from a parent/coach perspective, to having realistic expectations within competition. This is part one of a two-part series.

S2-E2: Jeremy Linneman

Episode 2 of this season hits on the topic of being a fan of sports in the right way. Jeremy Linneman, the guest of this episode, has written multiple articles for Christ in Pop Culture on this issue of fan-dome. Linneman was a pastor of a church in Louisville, KY, and now has planted a church in Columbia, MO, where his alma mater University of Missouri is located. 

S1-E5 - Local Politics with Mayor Todd Barton

In this episode of the Rock Point Podcast we sit down with Mayor Todd Barton of Crawfordsville. We talk a little bit about his life and journey to becoming the mayor of Crawfordsville, and discuss the importance of local politics and how Christians can get involved. Mayor Barton continues to do incredible things for our city, and we pray the growth continues as we learn to love our neighbors well through serving our local community.

S1-E4 - Part 2: Church Planting with Brock Graham and DJ Blatherwick

Part 2 of our conversation with Brock Graham and DJ Blatherwick. Brock and DJ discuss the difficulties and joys of planting a church, how they manage to stay connected to Jesus through the pressure of leading a church, and what it is like to work with your best friend. They also answer some interesting questions and tell us their favorite spot to grab lunch.

For more information about Harvest Indy South visit their website: https://www.harvestindysouth.org/

S1-E3 - Part 1: Church Planting with Brock Graham and DJ Blatherwick

Brock Graham and DJ Blatherwick join us to discuss their experiences planting a church on the south side of Indianapolis. Brock and DJ were both a part of the team at Rock Point before planting Harvest Indy South. We talk about the difficulties and joys of planting a church, and how they manage to stay connected to Jesus through the pressure of leading a church. This is Part 1 of our conversation.

For more information of Harvest Indy South, visit their website: https://www.harvestindysouth.org/

S1-E2 - The World Race with Olivia Stevens

Olivia Stevens joins us for the second episode of the Rock Point Podcast. Olivia is a senior at Indiana University majoring in non-profit management and a current intern at Rock Point Church. She just recently returned from the World Race, an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries. In this episode we talk about her experience on the race and the things she learned along the way.

S1-E1 - Biblical Spirituality with Dr. Don Whitney

Dr. Don Whitney of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary joins us to talk about Biblical Spirituality, praying the Bible, and Spiritual Disciplines. We talk about baseball, fountain pens, and a few techniques and resources to help us grow as Christians. Dr. Whitney tells us to "Read Big, Meditate Small." It's not our brains that can't handle scripture, but our method. Listen to find out how to better remember and process your daily devotions.