Summer Tunes - Kids Rock Style

You’ve experienced it. I know you have. Christian kids music. I was introduced to it three summers ago in the form of “Wee Sing Bible Songs.” We were taking a quick trip to Lafayette and the CD changer in our CRV changed discs. And through the speakers, I heard a cacophony of high-pitched voices, sounding faintly human, and singing about how Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. It was the perfect mix of creepy and terrible. So, with unpleasant memories of “It’s a Small World” flooding my mind, I dreamed of opening the vehicle door, jumping, and landing in a perfect roll into the ditch. But luckily, my body’s fight instinct took over, and, hitting every button on the dash, begging for it to cease, I ended it. It ceased. A calm stillness with joy in its midst came over the car. I looked over at my lovely wife, and mouthed, never again. Whatever that Please, no.

I made it my goal, at that moment, to find kids music that did not make me envious of elevators, department stores, and the dentist. Now, you may love Wee Sing and their musical compadres, and that’s fine. You do you, but if you’re looking for music that the whole family can dig, music that won’t make you wonder if rolling down your windows is a disservice to the rest of humanity, and that might actually encourage and teach your kiddos more about God, then keep reading and start listening:

  • The Rizers –– Created by some punk rockers turned fathers, all with similar aversions to kids music, The Rizers is a fun animated band that your kids will seriously dig. Each song employs catchy pop music to different passages of Scripture. Your family learns the Bible, your head stays bobbing, and no one hits the eject button (of the vehicle or CD player). (Also, be sure to check out the music videos on RightNow Media through your Rock Point subscription!)
  • Sovereign Grace Kids –– My new favorite kids group to hit the market, this band has produced two excellent albums that you and your kids will love. Making use of a wide variety of genres, their first album –– “The Ology” –– has each song musing on a different doctrine or topic of the Christian faith. Their second album, which just happens to align perfectly with our Summer sermons series, tackles a different parable in every song. Lyrically brilliant, and musically engaging, you’ll definitely want to pick up both of these albums.
  • Slugs and Bugs –– As you might have guessed from the title, this series of albums are by far the wackiest and most fun of the bunch. Don’t believe me, go listen to “Mexican Rhapsody” right now and get back with me. Did you do it? I’m not kidding. Go. Done? Good. Kinda amazing isn’t it. Don’t tell me you didn’t like that a little bit. And you’re kids, they’re going to LOVE it. These dudes love Jesus, even though every song may not be directly about Jesus. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a good belly laugh.


image (2).png

There you have it and you’re welcome. Get the family in the wagon, roll down those minivan windows, turn up that bass, and enjoy the summer.  


Jeff Strickland-I am the Discipleship Pastor at Rock Point and a current PhD student at Southern Seminary. I am the father of an energetic, slightly crazy, talkative, and hilarious little man, Carson Nolan. Thankfully, he has an incredible mom, my patient and truly kind wife, Stephanie. Expect my posts to reflect our parenting endeavor and to often be a little on the nerdy side.