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summer boredom busters

It’s May and it FINALLY feels like spring, which means that summer is near! We are not quite there in our family yet, but with summer months approaching, many families are just waiting for those dreaded words… “I’m bored!” We’ve got you covered! Here is a list of 100 boredom busters (fairly simple and mostly free)!  

INSIDE ACTIVITIES (for those rainy days)

1. Read to siblings

2. Make a no-sew fleece blanket

3. Stack cups

4. Play Simon Says

5. Make up rules to a current game

6. Camp indoors

7. Rent a movie from the library

8. Read a book

9. Tell a story

10. Make a sock puppet

11. Bake something

12. Play library

13. Play a board game

14. Organize your dressers

15. Play vet

16. Write a poem

17. Make animal masks

18. Do a puzzle

19. Write to your grandparents

20. Have a photo shoot

21. Make a no-sew fleece pillow

22. Make play dough sculptures

23. Play I Spy

24. Play dress up

25. Learn a new board game



26. Play four-square

27. Build a bird house

28. Go hiking/jogging

29. Walk a neighbor’s dog

30. Have a scavenger hunt

31. Have a squirt gun fight

32. Climb trees

33. Wash cars

34. Spray paint

35. Paint with flowers

36. Blow bubbles

37. Play in the dirt

38. Have a mini Olympics

39. Camp outdoors

40. Paint with shaving cream

41. Play baseball

42. Create fireworks in a jar

43. Melt crayons in the sun

44. Paint rocks

45. Have a relay race

46. Play Twister outdoors

47. Build a bird feeder

48. Build a teepee

49. Use sidewalk chalk

50. DIY an outdoor craft



51. Study different types of clouds

52. Grow flowers

53. Go bird watching

54. Try geo-caching

55. Build a backyard shelter

56. Identify different trees

57. Try foreign foods

58. Create a sun dial

59. Make a stop motion video

60. Create an animal unit study

61. Build a mini volcano

62. Volunteer

63. Copycat classic art

64. Hunt animal tracks

65. Build a rubber band helicopter

66. Encourage recycling around the neighborhood

67. Make no-churn ice cream

68. Study animals habitats

69. Study a butterfly’s life cycle

70. Study astronomy

71. Create a sun catcher

72. Fry an egg on the cement

73. Create rain clouds in a jar

74. Grow grass in a cup

75. Create your own game


TRAVEL ACTIVITIES (Places to Go and People to See)

76. Visit the park

77. Attend an outdoor movie

78. Visit a historical museum

79. Visit grandma’s house

80. Visit a friend’s house

81. Have a one-day road trip

82. Visit a water park

83. Visit the fair

84. Visit a playground

85. Visit the library

86. Visit/dress up for a fancy restaurant

87. Visit a place you’ve never been to

88. Go on a picnic

89. Visit a children’s museum

90. Go hiking

91. Visit an art museum

92. Visit a live concert

93. Attend a community event

94. Visit a library’s event

95. Visit the beach

96. Go window shopping

97. Visit an aquarium or zoo

98. Go downtown

99. Tour your local fire station

100. Make a summer time capsule


From https://www.naturalbeachliving.com/boredom-busters-summer-activities/


Holly Line - I am currently the Children’s Assistant and Rock Paper Scissors Preschool Assistant at Rock Point Church. I am mama to a very active toddler, Warren. If we are not at home, you can find us at the pool with my swim coach husband, Ian.  I love coffee, all things crafty, and being outside. As first-time parents, my husband and I are learning the ropes of parenting and I hope to share our experiences along the way!