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Making the most of what is in your


I cannot even begin to tell you the number of moldy cucumbers and other wilted fruits and veggies that I have found in the back of my refrigerator!  I have found the key to preventing this is a few extra minutes of prep after a trip to the grocery. Some weeks, finding the extra time to prep is difficult, but it is so worth it in the end!

I find it important to have the fridge cleaned out before I even head to the grocery store. This ensures a fresh start to the week ahead and makes putting away groceries a quicker and easier process. Once I make the trek into the house with all of our fresh groceries, I put away everything except our fresh produce (fruits, veggies, etc.) I then wash everything and get out my large cutting board! I chop away at carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, or anything else I picked up for the week. Strawberries, a staple at our house, go in a big bowl in the fridge. If we have grapes, I wash and cut them into small bunches that are easy to grab, or even take them off of the vine if I find myself with extra time. Any other berries go in their own bowl in the fridge after they have been washed as well.

With my veggies, I like to pre-package them in snack size baggies. This makes packing lunches or finding a snack quick and easy as well! With everything washed and chopped, I have found myself throwing out a lot less the next week when I clean out my fridge! You may even find that your kids want to help in the process too!


Holly Line - I am currently the Children’s Assistant and Rock Paper Scissors Preschool Assistant at Rock Point Church. I am mama to a very active toddler, Warren. If we are not at home, you can find us at the pool with my swim coach husband, Ian.  I love coffee, all things crafty, and being outside. As first-time parents, my husband and I are learning the ropes of parenting and I hope to share our experiences along the way!