Kids Rock 1:1 Ministry


Among the very special relationships that I have been privileged to make while here at Rock Point Church, some of the best have been with the very selfless people who serve in the 1:1 Ministry. The 1:1 Ministry is an area of service to those who attend our church and have children who might need a bit of assistance to function in the traditional classroom setting. The students are given a “buddy”, an adult who becomes his/her helper during the learning/worship time in Kids Rock.

The buddy allows students to attend Kids Rock with adaptations to the environment, whether singing in the Kids worship, or doing an activity in the classroom. The ministry also allows parents to attend worship knowing that their child is being taken care of and learning about our Savior in a safe environment.

Additionally, if a student is not able to successfully attend all of the above, a special needs room is available to “cool down”, do alternative activities, or assist with a sensory need. This takes place with the student and his/her “buddy”.

It is a blessing to see the bond that develops between the buddy and their child. It is also a blessing to see the child be successful in the classroom when he/she may have previously had a difficult time.  

If you think this is a ministry that might assist your child with special needs, or feel called to begin serving, please contact me and we can walk through the process. It truly is a great blessing to serve in this capacity. I look forward to hearing from you.


Page McGaughey - I'm a former elementary/special education teacher, mother of all boys, grandmother to 7. I love books and Folgers Medium Roast coffee. I live in Darlington, IN with my husband of 34 years, Jerry.