Patty's Pointers

I love books! I get excited over the scent and feel of a new book in my hands. Weird, I know! As a teacher I tried to instill that love of books in my students and now do the same in my grandchildren.  

I came across a series of picture books that I am very impressed with.  Each of the books tells the true story of an event in the bible but in a way that will engage younger kids.  Currently there are six books in this series, “Tales that Tell the Truth.” One of the later books published in the series is “The Friend Who Forgives” by Dan DeWitt and Catalina Echeverri. This book tells the story of how Peter failed and Jesus forgave him. The illustrations are bright and inviting as well as the text. The author draws in the reader by asking questions to invoke response throughout the story.  

These books present biblical truths in an age appropriate way for preschool and elementary kids. Other titles in the series include the following: “The Storm that Stopped,” “The One O’Clock Miracle,” “The Christmas Promise,” “The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross,” and “God’s Very Good Idea.”

Check them out if you are looking for good books to share God’s truths with your kids!


Patty Emmert- I am a former Kindergarten teacher, current preschool teacher and children’s ministry director. I am the mother of 4 grown sons and grandmother to 10! I realize the importance of getting kids started off on a positive track in school. I'd like to offer some fun, simple ways to help you do that for your child!