God’s promise to Isaac | Genesis 25-26

big picture question: why can we trust God?

We can trust God because He is faithful and does everything for His glory and our good.

CHRIST CONNECTION: God’s covenant with Abraham continued to the next generation.  Esau sold his birthright, giving Jacob the right to the wonderful blessings God promised to his father Abraham.  Through Jacob’s family, God would send the promised Savior to bring blessing and salvation to the world.

Read Genesis 25-26

Questions for family discussion

  1. Why was it strange that God said the older son would serve the younger?

  2. How does God bless us through Isaac’s family?

  3. What is a birthright, and why was it important?

  4. What was unusual about Esau serving Jacob?

  5. What do people who believe in Jesus inherit as a “birthright”?

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