Home Helps with Holly

A Fun Craft for the Whole Family

This is my first Christmas with a mobile little one at home! At almost 18 months, my son loves to undecorate our big Christmas tree! Luckily, we do not have anything breakable on the bottom 2 feet! In order to try and prevent this, I came across a wonderful idea that works (most of the time). I made him his very own felt Christmas tree that he is totally free to decorate (and undecorate) any time he wants!

You will need:

  • 1 yard of green felt

  • Several colored sheets of felt (make sure you have brown for the stump)

  • A good pair of scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • An hour or two after the kids go to bed

First, fold your yard of felt in half and cut it into a tree shape. When you unfold it, you will have a full tree!

Second, use a jar or something else around your house to create ornaments. You can also create light bulb shapes, holly, candy canes, etc. depending on how creative you are feeling.

Third, make sure to cut out a star and a stump and use your hot glue to attach them.

Then you are done!

I used command strip velcro to attach it to the wall and let my little one decorate away! It has kept him entertained for quite some time, and of course it is super fun to knock them all off after the tree is all decorated!  

There are tons of ideas on pinterest, or you can watch this video for more inspiration!



Holly Line - I am currently the Children’s Assistant and Rock Paper Scissors Preschool Assistant at Rock Point Church. I am mama to a very active toddler, Warren. If we are not at home, you can find us at the pool with my swim coach husband, Ian.  I love coffee, all things crafty, and being outside. As first-time parents, my husband and I are learning the ropes of parenting and I hope to share our experiences along the way!