The Hand

I’ve got to be honest I wasn’t planning on talking about the following subject, but when I began doing some research for an upcoming counseling session and found this Bible study help, I couldn’t help but pass it on.  As the New Year approaches consider using this to fine tune your daily study; to help deepen your learning of our blessed Lord’s Word.

I love this quote: “If you hold the Bible with only one or two fingers (such as read and hear), it is easy to lose your grip.  However, as you add more fingers, your grasp of God’s Word becomes stronger as illustrated by the “Word Hand” developed by The Navigators

Bible Hand.jpg

Listen to God’s Word, read God’s Word, study His Word, memorize his Word, and Meditate on His Word.  May your grip increase as you devote yourself to God’s Word. Praying you have a wonderful week!

The above illustration has been developed by The Navigators.  It is titled the WORD HAND ILLUSTRATION.  It is designed to help one remember the five methods of learning the Bible by association with one’s hand.


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