Patty's Pointers

Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday, but I feel like it is sort of an “under dog” holiday. So often overlooked and overshadowed by all the “Black Friday” hoopla. To be thankful changes everything! Especially when we recognize that God is whom we must thank! Thankfulness can change attitudes, outlooks, and temperaments. If you have an attitude of gratitude it is hard not to be content! As the kids begin to get the “gimmees” looking at all of the Black Friday ads for Christmas this weekend, have them stop and refocus - What they are thankful for?  Encourage them to be willing to give to others. Maybe they can clean out the toy closet and donate the best ones to the crisis shelter? Maybe they can help a neighbor with a chore or visit a lonely widow. Talk about what they could to bless someone else and help them realize what all they have to be thankful for and to Whom we are thankful.

Do you get the newspaper? Here’s a great way to repurpose it and at the same time help your students – toddler to elementary.

Toddlers need extra practice learning to cut. Tape a sheet of newspaper to the wall at your child’s height.  Using a marker, make a few vertical lines 5 inches or so apart. Help your child hold the scissors correctly, with the thumb on top. We say, “The thumb leads the way.” As they stand, have them cut up the lines to the top of the paper.


Preschoolers love to use highlighters! Give them a highlighter with a piece of the newspaper along with letter cards. Encourage them to find various fonts of letters in the print.  For an added challenge, set the timer and see how many they can find before the buzzer goes off (: Repeat another day and another color highlighter with numbers they are learning.


Early elementary kids have sight words and spelling words they need to know each week. Encourage them to use a highlighter and find those common sight words or spelling words in an article. Older kids can highlight different types of punctuation or parts of speech. The possibilities are endless!


I just love using everyday things to enhance learning in a fun and different way! 


Patty Emmert- I am a former Kindergarten teacher, current preschool teacher and children’s ministry director. I am the mother of 4 grown sons and grandmother to 10! I realize the importance of getting kids started off on a positive track in school. I'd like to offer some fun, simple ways to help you do that for your child!