Keep a Quiet Heart - Elisabeth Elliot

“A quiet heart is content with what God gives.  It is enough.”

Quoted from Elisabeth Elliot’s devotion Keep a Quiet Heart.

This devotional has been a wonderful resource for me as I have struggled through finding, maintaining, and fine-tuning my quiet time with the Lord.  The essays are as relevant to our world today as they were when written in 1995; and to all, whether young mothers or seasoned women.  

Circling through three different devotional books throughout the year.  I am now reading Keep a Quiet Heart for the second time and am loving it as much as the first.  I am gaining new insight that I didn’t see through the initial read. The words are going deeper into my heart and are producing fruit that might not have been produced by just reading the essays one time.  

How is my quiet time developing?  It is one of the most precious times in my day.  I so look forward to this time of studying God’s word, growing closer to him and reading through passages from experienced authors that further my growth (it’s so interesting how often a devotion will go right along with the passage I have read in my Bible that morning).

If you are looking for a great devotional, Elisabeth Elliot’s Keep a Quiet Heart would be first on my list.

Comments from others:

This is one of those books I go back to several times a year for wisdom.  It has been a life changing book for me.  A quiet heart is something I still long for and pray for.  If you also long for one you need to read this book.  -Ashley

I read this in conjunction with my morning quiet times, and I can’t even express how blessed I was by it.  …. I was refreshed, my heart was  quieted and my love for the Father grew.  I highly recommend this for any woman at any stage of life, but particularly for married women and young mothers.  -Sarah.

An excellent devotional full of solid advice and spiritual truths, her individual essays are often only a few pages, making them the perfect dose of encouragement for a busy mother or student.  -Chloe

“Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy.” Elisabeth Elliot


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