Patty's Pointers

Happy Fall everyone! One of my favorite times of the year, fall is a great season to point out the awesomeness of God’s creation to your kids.  Often parents wonder how to start conversations about God with their little ones. Wonder no more! Just look around you!  Simply talk about how pretty the leaves are with all the different colors. Share with your kids how God designed the leaves to change colors and eventually be shed off the trees. Share how He causes pumpkins and gourds to grow from a seed in the soil along with the sunlight and rain He sends.

Use His creation to help your child to begin to understand how great our God is – not to worship the creation - but to worship the Creator of heaven and earth!

“No Worry” Finger Paint Fun – Yes – no worry! Mix together baby lotion and a squirt of liquid tempera paint. Get some paper (freezer paper works great!) and put a glob of the paint mixture on the paper. Roll up your child’s sleeves and let them dig in! As the paint is spread thin give them another dollop.  There are so many things that can be done during this time – practice writing letters, name, numbers, shapes – the possibilities are endless.  But the best thing of all is that your child was able to use their fingers to play and learn at the same time. So often kids don’t get enough sensory type play. I’ve told preschoolers that we are going to paint with our fingers and they look like a deer in headlights. “You want me to use my fingers?” “Sure do! “ (: Let them get their hands in it and squish it around!

Creative Clothespins – Grab that bag of spring type clothespins and get started with some finger strengthening fun! You can do so many simple but worthwhile activities with clothespins.  Here are just a few –

-If you still don’t want your kids hands in the finger paint above, put a cotton ball in the clothespin and have them daub the paint on the paper.

- Have your child clip the clothespins around the edge of a paper plate The pinching to open and close is great for their fingers. For an older preschooler, print letters or numbers on the plate edge and on the clothespins so they can match up.  You can also have your older child write their sight words or spelling words on an index card and use corresponding clothespins with letters to clip to the card forming the word.

- Spread cotton balls or pompoms on the floor and have your child use the clothespins to pick up the balls and place them in a bucket.

So many more but that’s enough for now!

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Patty Emmert- I am a former Kindergarten teacher, current preschool teacher and children’s ministry director. I am the mother of 4 grown sons and grandmother to 10! I realize the importance of getting kids started off on a positive track in school. I'd like to offer some fun, simple ways to help you do that for your child!