Should You Be Baptized This Summer?

On Sunday, June 24th we are going to be celebrating baptisms at Pastor Terry and Kelly's home, in Sugar Creek, during the Love Week kick off event that night. As we look forward to this, there are two groups of people that should be considering baptism.

First, some of you have just recently made the decision to follow Jesus. Your next step as a new believer is to be baptized. Baptism is the “going public” moment of your faith.

Second, there are others of you who have had a relationship with Jesus for a while, perhaps even years, but have never taken this step of obedience. This is your opportunity to do just that.

Rock Point, let’s join together in praying for these believers in our congregation to have the courage to step forward in faith!

After each service this Sunday there will be a baptism meeting. Attend either of these meetings if you are interested in being baptized in Sugar Creek on June 24!

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