Save lives, donate blood!

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Why would I give? Indiana Blood Center states that Versiti is the only provider of blood to the community hospitals where you live and work. Medical technology has provided many life-saving discoveries over the years, but there is still no substitute for blood. In a medical emergency, often the most important element is the availability of blood.

Who uses my blood? Red blood cells may be used to help accident victims, surgical patients and people with anemia. Platelets may be used to treat leukemia and other cancer patients. Plasma is often necessary in the treatment of patients suffering from burns or shock.

Dates: Mon, June 25 & Tue, June 26

Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm both days

Where: Adult Classroom at Rock Point


Click here to visit Indiana Blood Center's FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to determine if you are eligible to donate blood before signing up.